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Takuto Kira

Biologial Info
Age 22 (Died/Shinigami)

24 (Actual)

Birthday September 27th
Aliases Shinigami-san (Mitsuki)
Fate Became human
Physical description
Species Human

Shinigami in training

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Blue
Skin color Tan
Family Info
Family members Mitsuki Kira (Koyama)- Wife (As said in the manga by the author)

Mother, father or siblings unknown. We all know him for being an orphan

Takuto Kira (タクトキラ) was a Shinigami who came to take Mitsuki Koyama's soul when her time was up and protect her until then. He promised Mitsuki that he would help her make her dream come true before she passed on.


Takuto has black hair which is tied back in a short ponytail and navy blue eyes, in his Shinigami clothes he is seen in a short shirt with long sleeves, a blue hoodie with a swirl on it, a back pack that has his wings on it, blue jeans and a belt, white gloves with blue stripes at the end and a picture of his cat form on them, and a cat hat. He can also be seen wearing casual clothing, while when he is in his cat form he looks like a cat plushie.


Takuto has a tsundere personality. But usually shows his Tsun- side. He gets confused when ever Meroko talks about him getting jealous over other guys. In the anime he was more passive around Mitsuki when confessing to her. But in the manga he was more aggresive when confessing his feelings like when he pins her on the bed saying her won't let anyone have her. Also in the manga he was more cunning.


He was an orphan and was a singer of ROUTE:L.


Takuto was Meroko's partner and trainee, and they were assigned to take Mitsuki's soul.

His shinigami costume is a cat outfit plus a backpack with wings without which, as a trainee shinigami, he cannot fly. Takuto is capable of transforming into an anthropomorphic cat plushie. Moved by Mitsuki's plight, he transforms her into the 16-year-old Fullmoon to let her audition as a singer, and develops romantic feelings for her. He becomes depressed at times, especially when Mitsuki talks about Eichi, the boy she loves. He was the lead singer of ROUTE:L, the band that both Mitsuki's father and her doctor were in. While Takuto was alive, he named Mitsuki before she was born, and later met her when she was four years old. After a malignant tumor in his throat took his voice, he committed suicide by jumping from the top floor of the hospital. At the end of the series, Takuto saves Mitsuki's life, violating fate and his duty as a shinigami


In the manga, he develops feelings for Mistuki and tells her many times, he is kinda seen as the kind of a role model for Mitsuki along with Meroko, later in the manga Mitsuki tells Takuto she loves him back and they fall in love more than ever, before he leaves to get Mitsuki's name off the death list he tells her and kisses her while she was staying in the hospital, then during the battle, the Death master sends her blade down to kill Mitsuki but Takuto jumps in the way, but it does not stop the blade going trough them as he hugs her to protect her. Then we see that it seems that him and Mitsuki are fine because {C of Eichi's spirit protected them, but then we see Takuto was still affected by the shinigami and he vanishes but then we see him as a human again in the hospital, having lost 3 months of memories. Three years later, he reunites with Mitsuki during her concert, where Mitsuki jumps off stage mid-song and confesses her feelings to him.


In the anime adaptation, the circumstances of his death are changed, and he is said to have been in a motorbike accident and was in a coma rather than dead. The ending is also changed, with Takuto seen in the last series with no memories, but still carrying the cat charm Mitsuki gave him. Mitsuki follows after him and manages to call out his name, and he turns towards her. He remembers Mitsuki and his memories come back to him.


Eternal Snow Route L version ~ Full Moon Wo Sagashite02:24

Eternal Snow Route L version ~ Full Moon Wo Sagashite

Takuto/Route L's(the band that Takuto was in before he died) version of Eternal Snow


Mitsuki KoyamaEdit

Mitsuki was the girl he was assigned to kill but soon he finds himself falling in love with her, and he shares his feelings with her only to be rejected at first. Later on, she returns his feelings and they become a couple at the end.

Meroko YuiEdit

Meroko was his partner as a Shinigami and a lifetime friend who has an unrequited infatuation with him. In the anime, she is more passive; however, the anime depicts her love for Takuto as being much deeper and more permanent than the manga. She says she is in love with him, but by the end of the Manga she has fallen in love with her new/old partner Izumi Rio because Takuto is in love with Mitsuki.


  • Even thought Takuto dresses like a cat he can still move his tail around.

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